GEIPAN (Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena Task Force) is a CNES (French Space Agency) service, funded by the French government. Its mission is to collect reports of UFO or UAP (Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena) sightings that have occurred over the French territory, to provide explanation when possible, and to answer questions from the public. 


GEIPAN addresses mainly the French population. Its staff is French-speaking and understands English. 


The GEIPAN website is designed for the French population, but it is of course open to all who can read French. 


It is not GEIPAN mission, nor does it have the means, to address the worldwide population. However GEIPAN willingly accepts reports written in English, when it concerns sightings over the French territory. An English questionnaire, that will help us understand what you saw, is available by clicking here. At some point during the investigation process, the witness is likely to need to read or understand some French.

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